About me


As a British trained registered nurse and certified midwife, I left the UK and its green pastures, and spread my wings, towards a new horizon. After a brief spell in North Africa, where I gained experience working as a midwife in an ex-pat community for a few years, I arrived in Switzerland, ready to take on a new challenge.

There were very few English speakers in the canton du Valais at that time, so, I picked up French whilst working in the regional hospital in Sion. I obtained my 'equivalence' (recognition of my British training) a couple of years later, and was then free to work anywhere in Switzerland.

After a couple of years in Sion, I moved to Nyon, in the canton de Vaud, where I worked as a hospital midwife for three years. I then moved to Geneva and worked as a teacher of Obstetrics for the student nurses at "Le Bon Secours", a nursing school.

I had met my husband to be within three months of arriving in Switzerland. With the birth of our first daughter, then our son,
and our second daughter, I took a break from my role as a midwife and enjoyed raising our young family. As they grew up
and went to school, I re-integrated the workforce as an independent midwife.

As well as expanding my practice in the Nyon area, I continue to develop my skills through regular training in childbirth preparation. I qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2003, and, have, more recently, completed further training in relaxation techniques, with a particular focus on the positive effects of deep relaxation to alleviate discomfort during childbirth.

My work is my passion!
Empowering women to reach their full potential.
Encouraging parents to do well.