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Preparation for Birth Classes

You may have already read pamphlets, books or online articles. You may have seen documentaries or watched birth DVDs.

So, why participate in a birth preparation class ?

The objective of a birth preparation class is not to give you more information but to ensure that you have the necessary information that will prepare you for the birth of your child.

Accompanied First Stage at home

Although you may wish to stay at home for as long as possible during your first stage of labour, you will sooner or later have to make your way to the hospital or clinic for delivery.

But when is the best time? You don’t want to arrive too early but you definitely don’t want to arrive too late!

You may choose to have an experienced midwife to accompany you during this initial time at home. Such assistance would be arranged between you and your midwife beforehand and is covered by your basic Swiss insurance.

But how does it work?

After your initial telephone call announcing your suspicion that your labour has begun, the midwife would come to your home
and confirm whether or not you are ready to make your way to the hospital. Once confirmed, the midwife would then be
available to assist you up until the moment that you leave to go, and could also accompany you, to the delivery ward.

The midwife would be able to assist in the following ways:

  • By monitoring you and your baby, and checking the progression of your labour.
  • By helping you to cope with the contractions and discomfort you may experience, by using different breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • By encouraging and reassuring you, and by providing advice as to when the best time would be to make your way to the hospital or clinic.

If this is something you may be interested in or if you would like more information, please contact me via the Contact Form

Postnatal follow-up – At home after the birth of your baby

You are entitled to up to 10 to 16 home visits a day by a midwife 56 days after the birth of your baby, the cost of which is covered in full by your basic Swiss insurance.

During these visits, your midwife will be able to check your baby’s weight gain, the condition of the cord stump and for any
signs of jaundice, answer all the questions you may have as new parents, as well as generally reassure you of the baby’s wellbeing.

The midwife will also check that your uterus is contracting normally, that your blood loss is diminishing and that any discomfort you may be feeling due to the birth is dealt with so that you are able to rest and enjoy this new experience.

Early hospital/clinic release
It is normal to stay in the hospital/clinic for three to four days after the birth of your baby, but there are some instances when one feels the need to return to the comforts of home sooner.

Early release from the hospital/clinic is possible from 6 hours after the birth. As soon as you feel that you would rather be at home than in a hospital bed, that the hospital doctor is satisfied with your well-being, and that the paediatrician feels that your baby is ready, you may go home if you have a midwife to take responsibility for your early discharge.

In the case of an early release from the hospital/clinic, the midwife will be available to perform at your home the same checks
that would have been completed at the hospital. These checks include routine blood tests for the baby and weight gain during
the very early days, as well as ensuring that your general well-being is improving daily.

If an early hospital/clinic release is something you would be interested in or if you would like more information, please
contact me via the Contact Form

Breast feeding

Breast feeding (or nursing) your baby is one way to feed your baby after the birth.

Although it should be the most natural thing to do, it can be difficult and frustrating at times.

If this is your first baby, it is advisable to make sure that you are equipped with good information about breast feeding before you give birth. It is, after all, the first thing you will have to do once the baby is born!

If this is your second baby, and you had difficulty breast feeding your first baby, why not contact a midwife or a lactation consultant before you give birth to receive the information you need to make this a pleasant and successful experience.

Given the right advice, most women are able breast feed successfully.

As well as assistance with breast feeding during the postnatal follow-up visits, you are also entitled to three additional visits to help with any breast feeding problems or for assistance in weaning your baby when he is older.

All these visits are covered in full by the basic Swiss insurance.

T.E.N.S – Transecutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

What is TENS ?

TENS is a treatment which stimulates your body into producing natural pain-relieving substances by administrating/running a low voltage electric current through small pads attached to your lower back.

Although pain relief is felt within 30 minutes, the achieved relief is usually moderate, and sometimes irregular.

When is TENS used ?

TENS is often used for pain relief in labour, and is said to be particularly effective in early labour.

What are the benefits of using TENS ?

  • There are no documented side-effects from using TENS
  • A number of women consider the TENS treatment to be a great value, in particular as labour progresses.
  • The intensity of the electrical stimulation can be increased to cope with the increased pain of contractions
    (although stronger pain relief is frequently required)
A TENS machine is available for hire from the 37th week of pregnancy for Chf 50.-

Insurance cover

The services offered to you by your midwife are covered by your Swiss health insurance, whether the consultation takes place at the midwife's office or at your home. These services may also be covered by your international health insurance.

In addition, your insurance cover may include other complimentary services. For more information, please check with your insurance agent.

'LaMal' basic insurance cover

'LaMal' insurance includes the following:

Before birth  
Preparation for Birth Class (individual private. Some complimentary insurance will offer 100% reimbursement) Chf 150.-
Six midwife pregnancy consultations Complete cover
Two ultrasound examinations Complete cover
Problem pregnancy check-up (with a prescription from your gynaecologist) 100% cover
Follow-up after a miscarriage (support throughout and five visits post-miscarriage) Complete cover
During delivery Complete cover for the second accompanying midwife.
Early labour at home (presence of a midwife at home during the beginning of labour with accompaniment to the delivery ward) Complete cover
After the birth  
Postnatal follow-up to the 56 days after the birth (possibility of a second daily visit during the first few days) Complete cover
Postnatal follow-up with medical prescription after the 56th day 100% cover
Breast feeding consultation (three extra consultations throughout the duration of lactation after the first 56 days) Complete cover
Breast feeding consultations (with a prescription from the gynaecologist) 100% cover
Please see individual offers for all other costs.  


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